TCC Events

Tamilnadu Cycling Club 's cycling activities cover the entire 360 degree spectrum of cycling. Starting from early morning rides to the casual evening catch up rides, the club's activities stand testimony to promoting cycling across all walks of life. In addition to the regular rides being organized by various TCC cyclists, Tamilnadu Cycling Club  conducts over 35 events spread across six categories. The details of the events are as given below:
TCC Events

Recreational events bring back the joy of cycling for those taking up this activity after a long time and for riders to get started. Pink ride encourages women to take up Cycling and is organized to celebrate international Women's day. Picnic is a day-long cycling event with family and friends from the community. Family ride encourages cycling as a recreational activity within the family and promotes togetherness. It helps the family maintain healthy living and at the same time nurtures the benefits of cycling to the young ones.

Endurance events help riders build endurance and ride longer distance. TCC encourages riders to go through a systematic training program and complete their maiden 100KM and 200KM rides. Every rider crossing the 100KM or 200KM milestone the very first time in a calendar year is awarded with a 100KM and 200KM league badges.

Cyclogy™ (Off-the-saddle events) engages in educational programs, knowledge sharing sessions and community connect events. Bike Workshop is an educational event to understand the technicalities of the bike. It includes trainings and Do it Yourself sessions on preventive maintenance and common repairs. Nutrition and Training event is a knowledge sharing session. It helps cyclists to improve performance and move the next level through scientific methods. Movie night is a community connect event to share videos / photos captured from various events throughout the year and screens a cycling based movies. Anniversary day is a social day of the club for a community get-together. Factory Tour is also a community connect program that connects the Cyclists with the Cycle manufacturer or any other relevant manufacturing unit.

Touring focuses on promoting eco-tourism and getting closer to nature. Tour of Tamilnadu is a weeklong annual theme based cycling tour covering over 800kms to promote eco-tourism. The event is held in the last of week of December. Kodays (Kodai+days) is a 3 days summer tour on the hills. Weekenders are short tours for about two days on the 5th weekend of the month.

Adventure events are for the adventure buffs craving for adrenalin rush. Off road bike ride explores the inner roads, Unpaved surfaces and dirt tracks. Mountain Biking explores riding on uphill’s downhill’s and often on unpaved surfaces.

Competitive events help riders to benchmark performance, Individual Time trial is a race against the clock. It often serves as a benchmark for performance improvement. Team Time Trial is a competitive event with a group of two or more cyclists riding together with collaboration and racing against the clock. Road Race is a competitive event with a mass start. All participants start together at the same time and race against each other to cross the finish line first.

Each of the event category has a fixed week of the month that makes the events easy to remember. The annual calendar of events is published well in advance so as to enable other cycling and sports clubs to plan their events accordingly.

TCC’s event Calendar for the year 2014-15 is as given below:

Event Calendar 2014-15
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